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Hi there! You have stumbled upon my photoblog of sorts here at sophisticated artist dot tumblr dot com. First of all, the name's Arianne Reva MdR, two-zero years of age from the sunny Dumaguete City, Philippines. If you may ask why the name Sophisticated Artist, well I really don't know... it just sort of came into my mind and have been using it since 2007. I just graduated with a degree in BA major in Management at the school beside the sea, Silliman University. My likes include photography, beauty and fashion, digital art, traveling, multimedia and cultures. But basically, i like (and love) anything that fancies me. Regarding my posts, usually they're all taken or made by me unless otherwise stated (and yes, I do reblogs too). I really appreciate those who give proper credits. Let us not abuse the freedom given to use in the world wide web. Respect. Love. Enjoy. :)
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11 September 12

Palty Foam Hair Dye Review

I’ve been using Palty hair dye for almost 3 times already and so far, i’m quite satisfied with the results. And now that the brand has a foam or bubble version too, I made sure to try it out and here’s what happened…

Brand:  Palty

Type: Foam/Bubble hair dye

Color: Macaron Brown

What’s inside the box:


Before (looked like I had highlights):

After (my hair color before and this one were actually quite the same, thus the similar tone):



  • Very easy application since you just have to mix the liquids and “shampoo” it in your hair
  • My hair felt so smooth after washing the dye off
  • The leave-on conditioner smells good


  • There’s a strong smell but pretty much tolerable
  • Although the mixture formed bubbles very fast, it also subsided quickly. So the picture in the box of the model doing the procedure with bubbles in her hair didn’t actually happen to me. 


I’ll give this product a 6 out of 10 rating.

The main reason I wanted to dye my hair was just to cover up the roots and after applying this foam hair dye, it did actually cover most of the upper part of my hair so i’m pretty much okay with that (the picture above didn’t actually show it maybe because of the lighting but my roots were actually covered fairly enough). The color spread out evenly to the rest of the areas of my hair as well although there were still some secluded parts not covered. Compared to Palty’s original dyes, the foam ones are actually better when it comes to coverage. But perhaps, I’ll probably try out other brands when it comes to foam dyes like the original Kao Prettia. Palty just didn’t reach my expectation(s) with their foam dye version. 

Btw, I bought my Palty foam hair dye in Platinum mall, Bangkok which costs around 300baht something if I remembered it correctly. Haha! :))

22 August 12

All we need is JUST ONE SUMMER: A Movie Review

For the love of JuliElmo, I decided to make a movie review on their first movie team-up, Just One Summer. I am also posting again in this blog after months of being MIA… and a post that’s non-fashion/beauty/photography or other randomness related. So, hello-hi once again! ;)

JUST ONE SUMMER (A Season That Can Change Your Life Forever)

Here are my thoughts on the movie (bias aside, seriously):

  • The storyline basically is something that’s simple and predictable. Rich boy-poor girl lovestory, both have their own family problems, then they get comfort from each other… and the rest is history. But even so, you still get  that different feeling on how the story may unfold especially the “in-between” scenes in the story. You still get that “curiosity” feeling on what may happen next. 
  • I love the cinematography! I love the shots especially in the farm. Really breathtaking! :)) 
  • There were some transitions in the scenes that I didn’t like… parang rushed. I thought there were some scenes I wished could have been longer to give more emphasis or explanation. Actually, I thought how the movie unfolded was just too fast.
  • Great music used in some scenes (Girl Be Mine, Bakit Ba Ganyan, Moving Closer).. added more kilig! ;)
  • Regarding the two lead stars, Julie Anne and Elmo were surprisingly good.. such revelations! Both suited their roles. Julie Anne (who plays as Beto/Bertina) was a natural… swear! Yung kapag kinikilig siya.. kinikilig ka rin ng malala! Nakakadala talaga! Tapos if crying scenes, ay nako! Parang gripo lang ang kanyang mga mata! Galing! Elmo (who plays as Nyel/Daniel) on the other hand was very good in his scenes with his Papa Dan (Joel Torre). Their scenes were really INTENSE and you can really feel it. I really really love the scenes when Nyel shouted at his father tapos akmang susuntukin na ni Dan si Nyel, and yung sinuntok ni Nyel yung papa niya… AWESOME!!! 
  • The veteran actors and actresses were awesome as well! However I wished the supporting ones were also given enough scenes or appearances… Like uhmmm, ano nga pala name ni Lexi Fernandez dun sa movie? Haha! Tapos Sef Cadayona… sana he was given more selosan scenes (with dialogues!) :D   
  • I LOVE NYEL’S LINES TOWARDS BETO! Oh so romantic!!! Actually, what I really love in the movie are those lines (but not just of Nyel but of the other characters as well). Here are some examples:
"Pagkatapos nitong 1 day na kunwari tayo, susunod gagawin nating 2 days, tapos gagawin nating 3 days, tapos 1 week, 1 month, 1 year… hanggang sa masanay ka. Hanggang sa maging tayo na talaga…"

"Sana ako na lang ang Isko mo…"

"Finding you is the only positive thing that happened to me this summer"

"Beto, itong nararamdaman ko para sa’yo… sigurado akong pang matagalan ‘to"

Nyel: “Wala ba akong kiss?” Beto: “Nyel!” Nyel: “Ok, I’ll respect you but please allow me to do this..”
"Yet here I am leaving the girl that only mattered to me." 
And some FTW lines as well:

"Hindi naman po sinasadya yung yakap-yakap gulong-gulong na yun eh…" -Beto to Berting (Beto’s father)
"…eh di maghanap ka ng kalabaw na may kwarentang dede!" -Beto to Nyel
"Nyeeeeel!" -Irene (Nyel’s mother)
"Hindi ko naman po alam na nagwaguardyahan yun…" -Beto to Berting (Beto’s father)
"Yung farm na farm o yung farm na… farm?" -Beto
"Di mo alam yung target?!" -Beto to Nyel
"YOU DON’T SAY.." -Nyel
  • Oh diba, pamatay yung mga lines! Hehe! And speaking of.. the sweet, kulitan and even the “iringan” scenes between Nyel and Beto were of course, super nakakakilig! No doubt, both have that UNDENIABLE CHEMISTRY talaga. For me whose been watching these two in their prods, ako’y medyo “sanay” na sa kilig feeling nila. But probably for first timers, mas kikiligin sila ng malala! Lakas lang maka-teenagers ng dalawa! ;)
  • But aside from the kilig scenes, the movie also focuses on real-life lessons regarding family and love. I love the “advices” of Nyel and Beto’s parents.. very applicable in real life… like really listening to your parents, focusing first on your studies and dreams, no need to rush things especially on love and etc. 
  • And finally… the famous “Jaguar window kiss”. Ok, this scene is the most unique among all the other scenes in the movie. Very heartbreaking but the sweetest at the same time. Mapapa- “awww” ka talaga sa scene na ‘yun. Love it! 
So if I’ll rate the movie, I’ll give it an 8 out 10 rating. It’s a feel-good, simple movie. Hindi naman siya yung tipong mala-Avengers o Dark Knight Rises and definitely not a flop. If you’re a fan of chick/teen flicks or if you want to watch something that’s a balance of heavy and light (and even funny) movie scenes, then go watch Just One Summer! Kung gusto mong kiligin ng malala… then I’d definitely recommend this. Kilalanin mo na sila ISKO at ISKA! ;))
5 August 12

ariemacherie said: how many bottles of palty did you use, and how long did you leave it on to get the colour you desired?

Hi, i used only one bottle of Palty. I left it for about 30 minutes :)

30 July 11

“WIN THESE HEELS!”  Join TWR’s birthday give-away contest! :) LINKS: The Walking


Join TWR’s birthday give-away contest! :) LINKS:
The Walking Recessionista

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19 June 11




Independence Day Spot II.

Featuring long board skater Jen Tarnate, musician Cjay Chico and student Leona Arcellana.

Music by the awesome Techyromantics. (Really people, you should start googling them. They’re wicked good.)

Graphics by Miro Calderon
Edited by Vero Zamesa

Go, Jen and Onang! <3

For archiving purposes. :)) 

Finally saw this commercial with my dear cousin in it… So proud of her! Keep it up, Onang! (Leona Arcellana) :)

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7 June 11

Step by step

Senior year officially starts for me and I just can’t wait to get through it!

This dress was a hand me down from one of my older cousins (so yeah, it’s vintage). I love it! Paired it with my new nude mary jane loafers heels. And the bag, was bought in Bangkok. Don’t you just love it? :)

Last hooray for summer, indeed! :))

Vote and comment on this look at Chictopia! :)

6 June 11

The 1st official Breaking Dawn movie trailer! November 18- mark your calendars! :))

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Themed by Hunson. Originally by Josh