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Hi there! You have stumbled upon my photoblog of sorts here at sophisticated artist dot tumblr dot com. First of all, the name's Arianne Reva MdR, two-zero years of age from the sunny Dumaguete City, Philippines. If you may ask why the name Sophisticated Artist, well I really don't know... it just sort of came into my mind and have been using it since 2007. I just graduated with a degree in BA major in Management at the school beside the sea, Silliman University. My likes include photography, beauty and fashion, digital art, traveling, multimedia and cultures. But basically, i like (and love) anything that fancies me. Regarding my posts, usually they're all taken or made by me unless otherwise stated (and yes, I do reblogs too). I really appreciate those who give proper credits. Let us not abuse the freedom given to use in the world wide web. Respect. Love. Enjoy. :)
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12 May 10
painted my nails a few days ago… the inspiration? leopard prints in multicolor! ;))

painted my nails a few days ago… the inspiration? leopard prints in multicolor! ;))

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    absolutely gorgeous. i feel inspired :D
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Themed by Hunson. Originally by Josh